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Year 2011

Song: Sollavanthean
Movie: Suzhal (Tamil)
Music: L.V.Ganesan

Song: Hai Ranj Ka Saamaan
Movie: Jaana Pehchana (Hindi)
Music: Ravindra Jain

Movie: Jaana Pehchana (Hindi)

Music: Ravindra Jain

Song: Boy Friend

Movie: Puli Vesam

Music: Sreekanth Deva

Song: Naaku O loverundi

Movie: Naaku O Loverundi (Telugu)

Music: KM Radhakrishnan

Adiye Un Kangal

Movie: Rowthiram (Tamil)

Prakash Nikki


Movie: Bombay March 12 (Malayalam)

Afzal Yusuff

Song: Idemiti

Movie: Prema Khaidi (Telugu)

Music: D.Imaan

Song: Tum Mera Aakash Ho

Movie: Tumse Ankhiyan Mili (Hindi Album)

Song: Tumne kya keh Diya

Movie: Tumse Ankhiyan Mili (Hindi Album)

Song: Tumse Ankhiyan Mili

Movie: Tumse Ankhiyan Mili (Hindi Album)

Song: Mago Dayamoyi

Movie: Punorutthan (Bengali)

Music: Rabindra Jain

Song: Umra Guzari

Movie: The Calling (Hindi)

Music: Madhu Chandra

Song: Sa Na Na Na

Movie: The Calling

Music: Madhu Chandra

Song: Pon Muzham

Movie: Oru Nuna Kadha

Midhun Iswor

Song: Manasoram Nila

Movie: Ayyan



Year 2010

Song : Pookal Endrum

Movie : Viruthagiri (Tamil)

Music : Sundar C Babu

Song: Nee Vantha Pinnale

Album: Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai

AJ Daniel

Song: Nambu Satya

Album: Neneyuve Ninna (Kannada)

Music: CR Bobby

Song: Kaiya Pudi

Album: Mynaa


Song: Nenjukullae

Ithathanai Naalai Engirundhai (Tamil)


Song: Enni Janmalaina

Album: Bhageerathudu

Varikuppala Yadagiri

Song: Arima Arima

Album: Robot


Song: Harima Harima

Album: Robot


Song: Arima Arima

Album: Enthiran


Ramayan Divya Katha

Album: Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins (Hindi)

Music: L Vaidyanathan

Song: Sree Raghunadhiki Katha Sravan

Album: Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins (Hindi)

Music: L Vaidyanathan


Album: Maasi (Tamil)

Music: Dhina

Poo Pookkum Satham Ketaen

Album: Pen Singam (Tamil)

Music: Deva

Song: En Nenjil

Album: Baana Kaathadi (Tamil)

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Song: Mahi Ve

Album: It's a Wonderful After Life (Hindi)

Music: Sukshinder Shinda, Sadhana Sargam

Unakkaka En Kadhal

Album: Unakkaka En Kadhal (Tamil)

Music: Sanjeevan Dharshan

Song: Yenna Kanditai

Album: Ethirmarai (Tamil)

Music: Murugan Mohan


Album: Ethirmarai (Tamil)

Music: Murugan Mohan

Song: Koi Baat Nahin

Album: Yeh Naya Naya (Hindhi Album)

Din Raat kakkar

Album: Immigration (Punjabi)

Music: Rajesh

Baras Pavasa Bedundh

Album: Sparsh (Marathi)

Udya Abhijit

Song: Kanupapallo Prema

Album: Shambo Shiva Shambo (Telugu)

Music: Sundar C Babu

Song : Pattam Poochi

Album : Aatanayagan (Tamil)

Music: Srikanth Deva


About Sadhana Sargam

Her real name is Sadhana Ghanekar. Her Date of Birth is 7th March 1968. She got music in her blood her mother Neela is a well known classical singer and music teacher. Sadhana intensely musical environment made any other field of activity inconceivable for the tot who had her first tryst with musical training at the age of 4.She would sing on stage with the late Vasant Desai. He would also employ her voice in documentaries and short films. Sadhana won a Central Government scholarship in classical. She did many Marathi Albums with many playback singers. The albums are listed Below
1] Mrud-Gandhar with Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnmurthy, Mohmad Aziz, Vinod Rathod
2] Dole Kashasathi with Arun Date.
3] Nath Majhe Mi Nathancha with Shaunak Abhisheki and Sriniwas Khale 2009
4] Sparsh with Javed Ali, Dr.Neha Rajpal & Suresh Wadkar 2009
5] Aumkar Tu Ganesha
6] Jai Jai Dattatrey Bhagwant with Suresh Wadkar
7] Stotra-Sumannanjali with Suresh Wadkar & Ravindra Sathe
8] Challe Mi Sangtine Ne with Vaishali Samant 2009
9] Swapnanchya Gawi Jata with Swapnil Bandodkar 2009
10] Bandh Bhavkalyanche with Dr.Neha Rajpal & Mandar Apte 2010
11] Man Muthitun Gharangaltana with Devki Pandit & Suresh Wadkar
12] Tu Sukhkarta Tu Dukhraya with Amol Bawdekar 2010
13] Ga Ganpaticha with Roopkumar Rathod & Anuradha Paudwal in 2007
14] Madhumas Milnacha

Early life and family

Sadhana Sargam is of Maharashtrian origin. She was trained in Indian classical music by her mother, Mrs. Neelatai Ghanekar at an early age, and then by Pandit Jasraj. Her mother introduced her to a composer by the name of Anil Mohile, which later resulted in her involvement with the children's choir. In 1982, she released her first single for the film "Vidhaata".


Sadhana Sargam is currently ruling the south indian playback industry with a very strong foothold in Tamil and Telugu industries and also started foraying towards Malayalam and Kannada industry.

She has sung more than 150 songs in Tamil alone and has many top songs, her recent song is Marali Mareyaagi from Savaari, a Kannada Movie. Other recent singles from her are from Dasavathaaram (Mukundha Mukundha), which contains an accompaniment by Kamal Hasan. She has also sung 'Om Zaarare' from the Rajinikant performer Kuselan, along with Daler Mehndi and K. S. Chitra. She sang several songs in Hindi and Oriya for music director Kajol-Saroj. She has also sung the Tamil version of Mann Mohana from the hindi film Jodhaa Akbar. Her other notable recent solo Tamil song is Sutri Varum Bhoomi from the Vidhyasagar composed Jeyam Kondaan. Ilayaraja composed tamil film Naan Kadavul had a great song Amma Un Pillai in her voice very recently.

Musical style

In her early days as a singer, her voice at high octaves was thought to be similar to that of Lata Mangeshkar while her low octave voice was that of Asha Bhosle. However, as time passed Sargam developed her own distinct style. It is believed that Sadhana Sargam was unwittingly responsible for the rift between music greats Kalyanji-Anandji and Lata Mangeshkar when the duo compared Sargam with Mangeshkar. Mangheskar thought the comparing herself with a much junior teenage singer was unacceptable. Regardless of the above said incident, both singers have mutual respect for each other.

Contribution to classical music

In 2006, Sargam was among the singers who took part in a classical concert to mark Dinanath Mangeshkar's 100th birthday celebrations and earned praise from Hirudhayanath Mangeshkar for her performances in Hindustani classicals.

Devotional music

Sargam's contribution to devotional music is well appreciated by many senior singers like Usha Mangeshkar. Sadhana Sargam is one of the prominent forces along with Pandit Jasraj and Jagjit Singh to keep this form of music alive.

Famous in the South

Sadhana Sargam was well received in Tamil Nadu. She is very busy in the Tamil music field. Among the Bollywood singers males or females, Sargam sang the most number of songs in Tamil music field. 132 songs of Sargam was listed as of August 2008[2]

In an interview in May 2007 while touring in the USA, the most celebrated composer of the Indian music industry, Mr. A. R. Rahman, complimented Sadhana Sargam, calling her the only Indian singer who could surpass his imaginations and expectations in her renditions of songs

A.R. Rahman's Interview

"It is one of my few scores that was not well released," Rahman says. "The songs were well used in the film but they did not reach the listeners in significant numbers." The numbers were sung by Sukhvinder Singh (who also wrote couple of lyrics) and Sadhana Sargam among others.

"She is one of the few singers who has surprised me at every turn," Rahman says. "Many singers do a very good job of doing exactly what I tell them to do but she somehow goes beyond instructions. She takes a song to another level effortlessly, and she is so good at it that I am surprised every time I work with her."

Awards and recognition

Sadhana Sargam bagged Star Screen Best Playback Singer Female Award in 2002 for Saathiya for the Song "Chupke Se Lag Ja Gale".
She won Zee Cine Award for Kuch Na Kaho for the song "Halki Halki Mulaqate Thi" in 2003 at Dubai.
She got prestigious KALAKAAR award by Bengal Journalists Award in 1993.
She got Gujrat State Film Award in 2006. as well as Bhojpuri Best Playback Singer Award in 2005 and 2008 twice.

For Marathi Films...
1] 3 Maharashtra State Film Awards
2000 Film: Jodidar Song: Kshitijavaril Tara
2002 Film: Aadhar
2005 Film: Sarivar Sari Song: Saanjh Jhali Tari

2] Chitrapati V.Shantaram Awards
2007 Film :Evdhasa Aabhal Song: Tu Evdhasa Aabhal

3] Maharashtra Times Sanman
2000 Film: Jodidar Song:Kshitijavaril Tara
2005 Film: Sarivar Sari Song: Saanjh Jhali Tari
2007 Fillm: Shri Siddhivinayak Mahima Song: Dayaghana

4] Zee Marathi Gaurav
2005 Film: Sarivar Sari Song: Onjalit Majhya

5] Sanskruti KalaDarpan Awards
2005 Film : Sarivar Sari Song: Onjalit Majhya
2006 Film: Aaishapptth Song: Dis Char Jhale Mann
2007 Film : Sakhi Song: Ye Saad Jeevnachi

6] Konkan Sahyadri Swar Ratna Award for Invaluable contribution in Indian Music

SOURCE: wikipedia



Movie: Konjam istam Konjam Kastam

Movie: Bhageerathudu

Movie: Na Oopiri

Movie: Azhagi

Movie: Munna


With Mithun Iswor and Roy


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